Can I log my DailyBurn workouts in DailyBurn Tracker?

  • I just signed up to DB tracker and I find it great, but I would love it much better if I could log the workouts that I do from Dailyburn (like MMA, Inferno, etc). Don't the two sites work together?

    lesskiss   by: lesskiss
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    evammentorp  over 1 year ago by: evammentorp

    No, they do not work together. Pretty dumb, but that is the situation right now.

    • MyMildred
      MyMildred over 1 year ago

      Im a daily burn tracker user, and decided to check out the new daily burn site. I thought i could switch over, but there's no point. I pretty much would need to keep both accounts and the two sites aren't even integrated. Unfortunately i'll be canceling from here after my trial is over. I may give this another try if and when they figure out a way to become one unified brand. On another note, i noticed tracker is lacking a bit since they started this new venture. Is anyone monitoring tracker? We're getting a lot of spam over there.

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