Can I mix and match? Can I do a cardio workout one day and a strength workout the next day?

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    LunaDawn  over 1 year ago by: LunaDawn

    Yes, you can switch between them from day to day, in fact from all I've read about working out, that's one of the best ways to do it. I don't know if Daily Burn will set it up for you though if you select multiple programs.

    I just signed up today, but that is a good question. I only selected one program to try this out. I wonder if you do multiple if it sets it up for you. Otherwise, my suggestion is that you alternate it yourself... select 2 different programs (cardio & strength) and just swap between them each day.

    If your up to it and have the time, you could always do 2-a-days... strength in first part of the day, cardio second half of the day or vice versa. My hubby does 2-a-days because he needs that extra workout daily to burn the calories.

    • bonnie28
      bonnie28 10 months ago

      That's not the best, because everytime you change your program it starts you at the beginning. The programs are considering what areas were exercised each day and there are usually two lighter days, for stretching and mobility which are for your "rest" days.

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