Can I restart my Inferno program (or reset my calendar)?

  • I registered with dailyburn and checked out the site and was keen to start doing the inferno workouts. I took the laptop into the garage (which is where I have a gym set up) and while the first inferno video buffered it then kept dropping out and was impossible to watch.

    I realised that the wireless internet does not quite reach far enough for me to be able to do these workouts in my garage and I don't have another room in the house that is either big enough or suitable for me to sweat all over!

    I am waiting for a network extender to arrive which will mean the wireless signal reached the garage but in the meantime the inferno workouts continue to progress on my calendar and I have not yet been able to start the program.

    Can this be reset so that as soon as the wireless extender arrives I can begin inferno from day one again?


    tukapa1   by: tukapa1
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    amthomas7  over 1 year ago by: amthomas7

    Click the "i-About" tab on the ribbon on your Daily Burn home screen. Part of the "i-About" page shows your schedule for the week and also has a link to restart your program.

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