Can I still access my Daily Burn account via Xbox Live if it doesn't use the same email as Xbox account?

  • With the new app I'm finding I can't just log on to my account. The xbox account belongs to my boyfriend, so it's under his email address, and my daily burn account was created with my email address. With the new app there is no where to login, I can only begin a new free trial under his xbox live account. I'm hoping someone can help me out with this because my next step is just going to be cancel my account all together and go elsewhere. This was poorly planned :o(

    elimee23   by: elimee23
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    lppony8  over 1 year ago by: lppony8

    Yes you can. I did! My Xbox live account is under my husbands email and Daily Burn is under my email for me. If you download the app for Xbox it will have a spot that says "activate" when you click on it, it will give you a code to enter on your computer to sync it to your account.. My workout showed up on the right day I was on so it worked for me. Hopefully it works for you too :)

    • anniehayes06
      anniehayes06 10 months ago

      My Xbox says I need to have the gold membership is that right? Do I have to have that?

    • lppony8
      lppony8 10 months ago

      Oh forgot to mention you will go to to enter the number from the xbox app and make sure you are signed in first.

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