Can I use a protein product with Stevia in it while doing Ignite or is it considered an artificial sweetner

  • I have seen recipes on linked to this website that use Stevia in them and I am trying to pre plan for foods that I can have while on Ignite. One of the is a protein shake that has Stevia in it.

    mwishart27   by: mwishart27
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    jamjackvee  7 months ago by: jamjackvee

    Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from a plant. It is okay to consume Stevia during ignite as far as sweeteners. However, consuming a very sweet product can trigger your brain to desire other sweet treats so it might be a good idea to limit your consumption to just that used in your protein powder and not any other raw stevia unless you drop a little in a glass of ice tea or coffee.

    • bbates091113
      bbates091113 7 months ago

      I order pure Stevia from Mountain Rose Herbs (I grew some too, but it was a first year plant and didn't make enough to last very long). It's not as sweet as the kinds sold in stores.

    • RWinzer
      RWinzer 7 months ago

      thanks -@bbates - I checked out the site and may have to order some mint powder too. I grow that - and have it on the counter with a plant light - but I like a little mint in with my chocolate protein shake so the powder they sell will be great. Thanks for sharing

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