Can I view a list of the workouts I've already done and see the calories burned for each one?

  • I find it odd that I'm having so much trouble finding this information...

    elleglo   by: elleglo
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    padrict  9 months ago by: padrict

    I have been looking for the same thing but there doesn't appear to be any kind of history tracking.

    • Nat20alie
      Nat20alie 6 months ago

      I have spoken to one of their reps and there is not a place where "what you have done" is tracked. You will have to track it yourself. And the other apps they suggest do not always work with each other. Most of them stand alone by themselves as a seperate program/function.

    • FilPhyl
      FilPhyl 3 months ago

      This app could be so much better. The workout videos are great, but the usability and features are truly lacking.

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