Can someone please tell me what happened to the achievements page?

  • I can still see the achievements I've earned and my points on my profile page, but there used to be a page that showed all the different achievements possible and the different levels and their points. I can't find that page anymore! :(

    manlewis   by: manlewis
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    Anthony  about 1 year ago by: Anthony

    It hasn't gone anywhere. It's still up and running here: .

    • JayneT7
      JayneT7 7 months ago

      Thanks for the link, but I just clicked on it and it says the page doesn't exist. I have also checked for my achievements in the Notifications tab but it's totally blank. I've been with Daily Burn for nearly a year so there should be plenty there. Have Daily Burn dropped achievements?

    • drurybynum
      drurybynum 6 months ago

      That page doesn't exist.

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    LBKLBK  about 1 year ago by: LBKLBK

    Another way to get there is: Click on your user name in the top right corner. From the drop down select MyProfile. Then select the Notifications tab. Scroll down until you see an achievement listed. Click on the achievement link and it will take you to the acievement page.

    • drurybynum
      drurybynum 6 months ago

      My profile shows nothing on the notifications page. I've been doing this about a year as well.

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