Can't decide what program would be best for me! Help?

  • I started my trial on Daily Burn about a week and a half ago to try to get some regularity back into my workout schedule. I'm 23 and have worked out on and off for the last few years (moving back and forth for college multiple times a year, and a college workload in general, really did a number on my consistency.)

    I did Cardio Sculpt for a week, and found myself not challenged enough on some of the workouts. I figured if I was already feeling that way about it, maybe another program would be better for me. I switched to Intelliburn, but it's making me pick my own workouts every day, no calendar. I kind of want a schedule so I don't have any doubts about whether I'm making wise decisions or not. My goals are simply to lose weight, but more importantly, inches. What programs have you all found success with and think I should try?

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    Dendrobite  about 1 year ago by: Dendrobite

    I really enjoyed Tabata (TBT) because it doesn't really require any extra equipment. The Core program was short but a lot of fun. I started the Kettlebell program just over a week ago and I'm already starting to see some improvement.

    I haven't tried Cardio Sculpt yet but is there not a more difficult variation for the workouts that are too easy?

    If you want a serious challenge, try out Inferno. That kicked my butt on day 1.

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    swimjim  about 1 year ago by: swimjim

    I started 5 weeks ago (end of March 2014), I figure I'm about 40-50 pounds overweight. I did the True Beginner (TB) Program first; it made me realize just how much I was in denial. I did not loose any weight with TB (I maintained the same diet and work schedule as before), but my legs got stronger and my lower back stopped hurting.

    Now I am completing the Core Program to strengthen my back. Next I am considering Total Cardio or possibly check out IntelliBurn, focusing on actually losing weight.

    The only thing that makes me nervous about the TBT program is the only body weight exercises I can do are crunches/sit-ups and planks, I can't even do 20 regular push-ups with proper form. I do want to do the TBT, DBK and Yoga programs...eventually. Don't let my apprehension of TBT prevent you from trying it. Hope my thought help.

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