Can't stay motivated... It's so hard

  • I can't stay motivated. ANd I can't seem to stick with eating healthy! HElp?

    Owens535   by: Owens535
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    anjag  over 1 year ago by: anjag

    Getting fit can be hard work I won't let, but the payoff is greater than any struggle. Most often I start with my clients and have them identify their "why." Why do want to get healthy, lose weight, get fit, etc. Post this on a post it somewhere you see everyday like your bathroom mirror so you have a constant reminder. Also remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. Its a lifestyle change so do things in moderation. Reward yourself for achievements with a massage, or a new outfit. You become an inspiration to so many around you as you conquer your goals and feel and look great. Find an accountability partner to do it with you. The hardest thing is to start and get consistent. Once you get past that phase and you lock in it becomes routine. You CAN do this. I, along with everyone here in this community, is here for YOU! Let's rock and roll right into this new year!

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    amarie1690  over 1 year ago by: amarie1690

    For me I have been working to increase my ranking. I don't know what the ranking is or if it gets me any advantages, but I feel a little boost when I get closer to leveling up. This might work for you. The other thing I would suggest is to tell someone about your goals and make yourself accountable to them. If you have to report to someone, it will make you more likely to work out. Not sure how to help you with the healthy eating, as that is a real vice for me as well. Good luck.

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    manoca94  over 1 year ago by: manoca94

    Same here! It is so hard to stay motivated. I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. But then I ask myself, "Why am I doing this?" I am doing it because I want to be healthy! I am doing it because it will make me feel and look good in the long run! I am doing it for me! Also it is awesome to see my rank moving up; collecting points. I hope this helps! You can do it! :)

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    JimmyinTucson  over 1 year ago by: JimmyinTucson

    There is no doubt that this takes real commitment. I sought out lower calorie items to help me eat healthy. Walden Farms makes a great assortment of items that are ZERO calories, and they taste great. Like you, at first I hated the exercising, but after about a month, I don't miss a day, because I love the way I feel afterward. I usually do one or two Daily Burn sessions, almost always a yoga session, and then I hit the treadmill. I'm 61, and my goal is to lose 100lbs. You have to be willing to make a life change for this to work, but in the long run, it's worth it. Do what I did--make a 6-week commitment and agree with yourself that you will see how you feel after six weeks--my guess is that if you stick with it, like me, you'll feel so good, you'll want to stick with it.

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    YankDownUnder  over 1 year ago by: YankDownUnder

    You've made a great start by joining DailyBurn! :)

    Have someone take an unflattering picture of you and post it on your fridge door. Every time you look at it you will remember why you are doing this.

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    Lilyanne  over 1 year ago by: Lilyanne

    It is hard! I'm struggling, as are many people here, I'm sure. Start slow. Going all out right away - working out every day, changing your diet completely - is too hard. I've been doing daily burn workouts for a little over a month, and I'm still pretty exclusively doing the easy ones. I started with the modifiers, now I do the normal versions. You can't push too hard. Change your habits slowly.

    A month ago I decided to give up diet sodas for a week (I drank a LOT of diet coke! Like, scary lots) and after a week I found I didn't want it any more. After two weeks, I found I no longer liked the taste! A change that small made me feel like I could make bigger changes, too.

    I track calories, but I don't beat myself up if I eat a cookie or go over my planned calories. I do find, though, when I am tracking conscientiously, it gives me pause. I look at something I want to eat and think "no, I don't really want to write that down. I don't need that."

    I also find writing a quick note on how I feel post workout is a huge motivator. If I've done a daily burn video, had a snack, had a shower, I feel amazing after that. Even sore muscles feel like victory. Write down what being active feels like, and read it over when you feel discouraged. But don't write down how crappy you feel if you don't work out! It's like training a dog. Reward good behavior, ignore the bad. We're animals, too, we like positive reinforcement!

    It's hard for the leapard to change his spots, and impossible to do all at once. But by making changing slowly and steadily, you can create new habits. I still have a long way to go losing weight and getting healthy. It can be discouraging at times, but I take each five pounds as its own victory. We can do this, because it feels good. Not because we're supposed to, because we want to.

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