Can we eat Larabars during the first phase of Ignite?

  • My favorite Larabars (cherry pie and cashew cookie) are gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugar added, and not artificially sweetened. OK to indulge every once in a while or should I steer clear until I'm in Balance phase?

    eadull   by: eadull
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    evammentorp  about 2 years ago by: evammentorp

    Depends on the sugar level...shouldn't be over 20 grams for an entire meal. Also, make sure there is no dairy. Then it seems like you would be safe.

    • evammentorp
      evammentorp 10 months ago

    • juju
      juju 10 months ago

      Where is the information about grams of sugar per meal in the ignite instructions? I know to avoid added sugar but haven't been counting the naturally occuring grams in fruit,

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    comptonlj  about 2 years ago by: comptonlj

    I found the peanut butter cookie Larabar over the weekend. It has 3 ingredients, dates, peanuts and sea salt and somehow tastes just like a peanut butter cookie! Best part of it is...TOTALLY Ignite safe!!

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