Can you dailyburn and dailytrack link together?

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    ashleystone  over 2 years ago by: ashleystone

    In my opinion the more people ask, the more they'll consider running them together. Those kinds of changes are just ones that take time, effort and are costly.

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    musix220  over 2 years ago by: musix220

    There are many people asking for that. Their answer has been that the two services are designed to be separate.

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    buckry  over 2 years ago by: buckry

    They've got the new calorie estimator. It assumes you do the whole exercise and it doesn't take into consideration whether you did the modified or challenging movements, but I'll take it. At least at the end I have a number I can plug into the tracker. That's something.

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    eisen138  over 2 years ago by: eisen138

    I agree that the sites should be linked or at least the calories burned doing the videos should be recorded and maintained on this site as a reference.

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    tehy  over 2 years ago by: tehy

    It would be nice if they linked together, if only for the fact that you could keep track of how many calories burned by each work out video. If I have to choose over the original dailyburn or this new one, the original wins hands down.

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    Comedienne  over 2 years ago by: Comedienne

    If they wont have that at least they could have a "questionaire" after each workout where you can fill out how much of it you completed and wether you did the modified version or more challenging one then based on your weight calculate how much you lost, will make it easy to add into ANY tracker and shouldn't be that hard... ? One can dream :)

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    Richoman25  over 2 years ago by: Richoman25

    I think it'd be great if they could have both sites (& their respective iPhone apps) work both together, and also by themselves. This would be great for those people that only want to use one site without the other, and also those people (like myself) that choose to integrate the two. Come on DB, we believe in can do it! :P

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