Can you gain weight being grain free (Paleo)?

  • I've been soy, gluten, alcohol, added sugar, artificial sweetener AND dairy free (mostly, aside from occasional romano parmesean and cultured yogurt) for months now. It was working great and I was losing weight really steadily and effectively. But I have Candida issues with my intestines so I decided to do the Paleo diet in order to give my intestines a break from trying to digest sugary carbs like rice and potatoes. I don't eat more than 1300-1500 cal a day and I definitely do not over eat when it comes to nuts. I've been using a lot of coconut products, esp the flour, but never more than twice a day in moderation. Can being grain free cause weight gain? Or too much coconut? I want to make sure I'm not doing something bad that I think is good!

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    Shrtlgs13  8 months ago by: Shrtlgs13

    Regardless of the makeup or combinations of the foods you eat, if you take in more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight. Most hospitals have a dietician who will meet with you and give you sound nutrition advice. They usually ask you to track your food intake for 4 or 5 days, and then analyze what you're eating. This is a much better route than a fad diet-

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    pinkalphapaws  4 months ago by: pinkalphapaws

    I have had some issues with yeast as well and also found relief following the paleo lifestyle. You didn't mention how much weight you were talking about but you could be carrying as much as 10 lbs in water weight.

    I was given a diuretic by my doctor a few days ago and the first full day taking it I lost 7 lbs of water weight. Are you drinking enough water? Just like with food, if you don't get enough water your body can go into starvation mode and cause you to retain water.

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      Well, the scale says I gained four pounds which I totally insignificant. I don't really weight myself often enough to know, or care, unless it's a large amount of weight gain like ten-fifteen plus. My weight definitely doesn't yoyo like that though. It's usually only a few pounds, or occasionally six or seven after eating a lot in one day. Regardless, the weight I'm referring too is visual. My body is literally a different body than six months ago. I'm gaining all kinds of fatty, cellulite type of fat on my sides, and on my hips and inner/back of the thighs like a middle aged women going through menopause! There hasn't been one doctor who has taken my weight into account. I've struggled with losing weight for almost ten years now! It's like they think I'm

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      healthguru91 4 months ago

      overly critical or something! But I'm totally not. It's enough to even make my friends and family notice. And I'm hungry all the time now!! I can't seem to stay away from gains either :/

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