Can you have salt during ignite?

  • I know the list of "sneaky foods" mentioned not being able to have MSG or Sodium Caseinate, but table salt is sodium chloride so does that mean it is not off limits? Or is it good only in moderation? I'm just a little unsure about this.

    Also I guess I should mention I am a salt addict so I should probably cut back regardless of what diet I do.

    savsox   by: savsox
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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Salt in the form of sodium chloride is ok, especially if you sweat a lot. Low sodium in your body is just as bad as high sodium! MSG and sodium caseinate are completely different than sodium chloride, which is table salt. MSG and sodium caseinate are food additives that many people have adverse reactions to. Try using natural sea salt when you want to add a salty flavor to your foods.

    • kdholoman
      kdholoman over 1 year ago

      so is sea salt ok?

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