can you have white rice with the ignite program?

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    sunshineshadow  6 months ago by: sunshineshadow

    there isn't any gluten in white rice. I searched this question because I want to know the answer as well, but I KNOW there is no gluten in white rice. My ex had celiacs disease and he could eat it no problem

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    nithya22  over 1 year ago by: nithya22

    I think white rice counts as gluten. But if you can use brown rice (check out quick start guide for a full list) - hope thats helpful!!!

    • mythicalgriffons
      mythicalgriffons over 1 year ago

      boil-in-a-bag? or the pre-made uncle bens brown rice if you have trouble making your own.

    • Jen632
      Jen632 over 1 year ago

      thanks. Going to give it a try. I love pf changs steamed brown rice. I want to make it like that. so good

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