Can you please make DB recognize & accommodate time zones?

  • It's confusing and annoying that the program calendar changes which day I'm on according to a time zone that isn't my own. For example, I did a workout on Thursday night, but it was "Friday's" workout, so when I came back Friday, it was still showing me the workout I'd already done. Then I came back on Saturday night, but DB already thought it was Sunday, so it skipped Saturday's workout.

    I'm aware that I can go to the program calendar and click the one I missed, or the next one, or whatever. But perhaps I shouldn't have to.

    katosphere   by: katosphere
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    alexislunsford  10 months ago by: alexislunsford

    I'm pretty sure that I saw this either in Profile Settings or Account Settings where you can choose your time zone.

    • katosphere
      katosphere 10 months ago

      It did not, however, fix the problem. Right now it is Tuesday, but DB thinks it's Wednesday, even though it's now set to the correct time zone.

    • katosphere
      katosphere 10 months ago

      Annnd you're totally right. For some reason mine was set to Eastern instead of Pacific. Thank you for pointing out that I could fix this!

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    kaydra27  10 months ago by: kaydra27

    Yep that just happened to me tonight, so I am going to to last nights work out tonight. :)

    • blizzful
      blizzful 10 months ago

      Mine was fine the first few days. Now it's off. The time setting is correct (Pacific) but the day is ahead.

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