Can you view previous workout videos?

  • I work out at 6.30 in the morning at the gym.
    So I watch the workout video the day before, make notes and then 'do' the workout 6.30 the next morning.
    I'd like to go back into the 'previous day' workout video and add my challenge results and answers the questions.

    Can I do that?


    buildblog   by: buildblog
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    YankDownUnder  about 2 years ago by: YankDownUnder

    G'Day BB. By using the "discover" feature on the website ( you can select any workout video. So this would help you go back to do the one you reviewed as well as allowing you to override Intelliburns choice if you feel the need for a particular workout.

    • YankDownUnder
      YankDownUnder about 2 years ago

      I may have missed out on an important point you were trying to make. There's no way just "enter" the data anywhere without going through the video again, but with the Discover feature you can at least get back to the one you want and enter the information as it comes along.

    • buildblog
      buildblog about 2 years ago

      That's great. I did just that - thanks.

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    buildblog  about 2 years ago by: buildblog

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