Care to join a Daily Burn buddy group on Facebook?

  • Are there any Daily Burn-ers who are also on Facebook and would like to join a private group for us to unwind after a Daily Burn workout, chat about how sore we feel, and motivate each other to stick with it and get the most out of the DB program and lifestyle? I'll make the group..I just need to know your Facebook name so I can send you an invite! I'd also love some ideas for a catchy name for our group! :)

    Aliaa   by: Aliaa
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    SiggaR  5 months ago by: SiggaR

    I would love to. Do you already have a group for me to join? I love the support from others. My name is Sigrid Roloff on FB.

    • Aliaa
      Aliaa 5 months ago

      ok..u have to let me friend you FB name is Lia Libre

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    jdhidaka  5 months ago by: jdhidaka

    i sent you a friend request too. i think it's better to stick together. Joley O Hidaka

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    cd896  5 months ago by: cd896

    I'd like to join too. My name is Collin Husic.

    • jlpat9
      jlpat9 5 months ago

      I'd like to join... Julie Moore in VA I looked you up Lia but there are 4 with your name

    • mxmcevoy
      mxmcevoy 5 months ago

      I'd like to join too. Mark McEvoy in NJ.

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    elgindymona  5 months ago by: elgindymona

    Oh, yes! I literally just started working out today, and I need buddies to keep this going. My name is Mona Elgindy. If you can't find me on facebook, let me know and I'll try finding you =)

    • Aliaa
      Aliaa 5 months ago

      Mona, I can't find you. here's the url for our group. i think if you go there, you can "request to join"

    • Honu09
      Honu09 4 months ago

      Hi. I'd like to join this group too. I just sent you a request. My name is Wendy Mendiola. Thanks.

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