• I don't have a SmartTV and my phone's too tiny. I do have Chromecast (Which supposedly was supported a few months ago) Is there anyway I would be able to stream to Chromecast.

    honestdav   by: honestdav
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    asil1028  12 months ago by: asil1028

    Don't know about Chromecast, but I have a Android and I just use a HDMI cable, linking my phone to the TV and Stream the Daily burn app from my phone to the TV.
    Most smart phones should have a compatible HDMI cable that can hook up to your TV.

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    Kaywon  12 months ago by: Kaywon

    DailyBurn doesn't support Chromecast yet. I was recently told by support that they are hoping to have this feature in the next few weeks.

    However, until yesterday, I was able to use the Chrome extension to cast the tab with DailyBurn in it to my television. It worked great! Now my browser is no longer able to find my Chromecast when I'm at (but I can cast any other site on the web). Is this the same issue that you are having?

    • mcginnismac
      mcginnismac about 1 month ago

      Do they support Chromecast now?

    • honestdav
      honestdav 10 months ago

      Pretty much, it only worked for the once but now it doesn't cast.

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