Coconut Allergy??

  • I am allergic to coconut (and by default I try to stay away from other nuts as well so I don't discover added allergies. Its an anaphalactic shock type allergy so there is no wiggle room) What can I use to substitute the coconut milk etc in the recipes? Rice Milk? Regular skim milk? I'm at a loss.

    lmurphy22   by: lmurphy22
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    gretchenwf  about 1 year ago by: gretchenwf

    I like rice milk. It's good in smoothies. It does have a different consistency than coconut milk though, so be aware that it will act a little differently when cooking or baking with it. You may have to adjust recipes. Definitely worth a try though!

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    AvavanBlythe  about 1 year ago by: AvavanBlythe

    Almond milk is out of the question, if the OP is avoiding -all- nuts. A lot of people who bake/cook suggest half & half or light cream. No yogurt due to the fermentation. Substituting coconut milk, from a cooking standpoint, is about the fat content and creaminess. I think it also has to do with how these substitutes behave as or with other binding agents.

    In the end, depends on what you're cooking and what textures are needed. Sometimes it's good to look up the recipe and see what people substitute coconut milk with.

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    TheodoraDailyBurn  about 1 year ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    What about almond milk?

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