Coconut Sugar?

  • Can anyone tell me if coconut sugar is prohibited during Ignite? It isn't on the list but then it says sugar so I am not sure. I thank you for anyone with any information.

    Isis0706   by: Isis0706
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    AppleCore7  11 months ago by: AppleCore7

    I would imagine it is not allowed during the 21 day ignite phase but I'll bet it is okay in moderation after that. I think any sugar in addition to what is in fruit and starchy carbs will make it that much more difficult for the taste buds and body to adapt and adjust.

    • AppleCore7
      AppleCore7 10 months ago

      You're welcome. I know it's hard to find ignite compliant packaged foods. I am finding most of my time is now spent preparing whole foods and making snacks from the recipes here.
      I hope the rest of the ignite phase works well for you.

    • Isis0706
      Isis0706 10 months ago

      Thanks I was just wondering because it is in some organic products.

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