Consecutive rounds of Inferno/Inferno HR?

  • So I've been doing Inferno now for a few months (really impressed with the results) and after about 4 rounds of Inferno, I made the switch to Inferno HR. I usually feel very energized and clean after workouts but on about day 4 of HR, I was starting to feel very fatigued and slow. I'm thinking I pushed too hard and over-trained. So I gave myself a few days to recover and I actually noticed some muscle gains in those few days. I guess my question is, should I be recovering between rounds of Inferno/Inferno HR or are the rounds meant to be done consecutively?

    ztorres   by: ztorres
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    anjag  about 1 year ago by: anjag

    You should definitely give yourself a rest after Inferno! It is an all out program that pushes your max but should include a break from it too! Rest, recover, and come back to me stronger than ever!

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    MasonBendewald  about 1 year ago by: MasonBendewald

    As you can attest - INFERNO IS TOUGH - Anja and DailyBurn recommend you take time off before you do another round of INFERNO or INFERNO HR. Rest and recovery are a key when performing at the INFERNO level - so be good to your body and give it those well earned breaks. Try RECOVER - a great recovery program. You'll come back refreshed and be stronger for your next round of INFERNO!

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