Correct Plank Form?

  • I have no problems doing planks when I am on my elbows, but I am on day 37 and done Hydraulic Lower Body of Cardio Sculpt several times and I just feel awkward doing any exercise involving planks! I thought maybe it was just the first time I did the exercise but after doing it 3 times I don't think thats it anymore.

    When I stay still or on my elbows I have no problem, but I just feel like I am not doing it correctly, have to keep readjusting, and end not doing most of the actual exercise cause I'm focused on where my hands are placed!! I stay in table top but I don't feel like thats a challenge!

    Am I not strong enough? I would appreciate any tips on how to acheive correct plank for on hands.

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    anjag  about 1 year ago by: anjag

    Make sure when you are on your hands that your shoulders are right on top of your wrists! This is the most stable position for a hand plank! When moving your legs during a plank, maybe start with smaller movements while you hold that plank position! A plank is a perfect exercise because it works not only the tummy but that pack and the shoulders, so if there's any weakness it'll be hard to move through the plank and thats ok!! Every second you hold it you are getting stronger and stronger. If you need to put your knees down just drop them down from when you are on your toes. that way you simulate the full plank more than being in table top! Be patient with yourself and just keep practicing! Hope this helps!

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