• caffeine free diet pop (as i haven't been on a steady doses of caffeine in years) and fried chicken. i've tried to quit the pop but i become very irritable. i can order water at a restaurant and drink 2-3 glasses of it and thought once we had a fridge with water/ice maker i would drink a lot more water but it's not the case. quitting smoking was easier. i'm trying again to stop with the diet sodas but know i'll need to have something sweet once in awhile to save my relationship ;) . been looking for more natural drinks on the market but there aren't many that i know of. right now i have a few sobe life waters in the fridge. it's sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame or sucralose. also found target's simply balanced product of essence water. "naturally flavored water beverage with other natural flavors" 3g of sugar and stevia. 20 calories for the 16oz bottle.

    fried chicken i still have but that's maybe once every couple months or so. there's nothing i won't give up completely.

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