DB HRM reading low?

  • I just got the DB HRM and have been doing inferno HR. I am having trouble getting my HR into zone 5 or even into zone 4, and when the people on the screen are slowing down to keep their HR in zone 4, for example, I am giving my all to stay in zone 3. It appears that it's always reading me 1 zone lower than what I'm actually in. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to calibrate it? Any advice appreciated.

    ksullivan   by: ksullivan
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    anjag  about 1 year ago by: anjag

    Are you in super good cardiovascular shape?? Like Alikona, she always had a hard time getting her HR into zone 4 and 5 as she is a dancer and it super conditioned in that arena. It is def something that is the difference with InfernoHR in finding how your body is conditioned and training it differently. Hope this helps for you and keep pushing!

    • ksullivan
      ksullivan 10 months ago

      Thanks, Anja! I don't know, I guess??? i've always had low HR and blood pressure. I'm a lifelong runner and climber but finding DB more convenient after having a babe. Been doing Inferno for many months and I like the workouts in Inferno HR but not getting into the zone is a bit frustrating. I'll keep trying!

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