Dieting advice for new pescetarian

  • I noticed on my shopping list red meat is listed on one my meals. I enjoy my diet and I am open to change, but can anyone offer any advice for pescetarian dieting?

    giovannihale   by: giovannihale
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    rena12  about 2 years ago by: rena12

    Wild salmon and sardines [not in oil] are my protein supplements when my typically vegetarian diet needs the boost. I feel I get the most protein and iron per ounce with these.

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    kawaiola  almost 2 years ago by: kawaiola

    Salmon is one of my faves as well. I can sub it for most proteins in recipes. If it's a ground meat replacement, try crumbled tofu or canned tuna/crab (keeping in mind that crab and a lot of shellfish are very high in cholesterol!).

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