Different DB apps give different calories burned counts

  • Hey everyone! I'm still pretty new to DailyBurn and am going through the Total Body Training program. My question is that I noticed that the Roku app that I did my workout on said after my workout that I had burned something like 694 calories whereas the second screen app said I had burned 535. I don't have a heart rate monitor yet so the readings would be estimates, but why would the two apps give me such drastically different numbers?

    sriethmiller   by: sriethmiller
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    Alianthe  about 1 month ago by: Alianthe

    I'm also noticing this issue with the Roku vs the Workout page on the website. For logging purposes I've been using a number halfway between the two, but it would be nice to know which one is based on my personal body information and which is based on the totally average person.

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    joannaross  about 1 month ago by: joannaross

    Even with your own personal information, calorie burning is almost impossible to log accurately without advanced scientific tools which measure your breath, temperature and other measurements. As you loose (or gain) weight- even slight amounts- or gain or loose muscle your calorie burn will change. A lb of fat burns 2-3 calroies (estimated) while a lb of muscle burns 7-10 estimated. As your body changes, so does calorie output.

    FYI intake is never exact too- one broken cracker, or a slight variation in size of portion changes that too. Try your best! Push yourself to be challenged every day!

    Short answer- don't worry about it too much and I'd personally take the lower count as accurate- no harm in burning more (unless you are trying desperately to gain fat mass in which case, still take the lower count :-)

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