Difficulty controlling food

  • Does any one have suggestions to keep calories down? The worst time is at night. I cannot control my cravings for carbs and fruit. I can control my intake during the day with salads and fruit, but I am always hungry. Shakes are not satisfying. When I sit at the computer at night I eat just about anything.

    Anacaona   by: Anacaona
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    makingthebook  9 months ago by: makingthebook

    I'm new to Daily Burn, but what I used to do at night is try to keep zero calorie foods like Sugar Free Jell-O, Pickles, or even egg whites around the house. These helped to calm the sugar, salt, or protein that I might have been craving at the moment. Also, make sure you are eating enough calories during the day. When I was most hungry was at night is when is I, admittedly, hoarded calories during the day. I was trying to be such a "Good Girl" that I was actually depriving myself. Remember, your body needs those calories earlier, not later. Sometimes, it might just be a matter of adjustment. As you learn to eat better at breakfast and lunch, your body will become accustomed and not crave those nutrients later in the day. Until then, even if you are doing the right things, you will have to learn to overcome the cravings.

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    TerraP  9 months ago by: TerraP

    Choose snacks that have more healthy fats and less carbohydrates (nuts over fruit). Fats keep you full and help eliminate cravings. Drink water if a craving hits. A lot of times, you could just be thirsty. Also, sometimes it's just best to go to bed. I know that if a craving hits late at night, it's simply because I'm tired and I need some sleep.

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    crazychemist88  9 months ago by: crazychemist88

    Water is my big helper with this. I probably get half my daily wAter in after I get home in the evenings so my stomach feels more full.

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    Goldie721  9 months ago by: Goldie721

    Try to break you evening pattern by doing something else, take up a hobby. Keep your self busy. Also, make a plate of allowable fruits and veggies as your only snack. Drink a lot more water. It's a discipline to change your life regarding food. The less sugar and carbohydrates you eat, the less you will crave them in time. I hope this helps. I still work at what I have suggested here and it does help.

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    azel  9 months ago by: azel

    you might not be eating enough during the day, which is causing your body to ramp up the cravings at night. How much healthy fats and proteins are you having during the day? and how much water are you drinking? I have found that drinking tons of water, and eating more filling meals during the day, helps with night cravings. and if I really can't help myself, I have a glass of water or milkā€¦but if I eat well during the day I find that I really don't crave foods at night. But remember, everyone is different and you might need to try several different things until you figure out what works for you. Good luck!

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