Dizziness and nausea during workot (Tectical Bodyweight Training)

  • I have to take frequent breaks because I get really dizzy and nauseous, so I'm not getting as much of a workout as I should.
    I kept drinking water (about a cup and a half) but my mouth keeps drying out. I only alternated between level 1 and 2, and with frequent breaks, I know I wasn't working out too hard...
    Does anyone know the cause and prevention for random nausea?

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    colonelclick  over 1 year ago by: colonelclick

    You say you "know you are not working out too hard" but that is the number one cause of the symptoms you describe. Tabata is no joke! Try another program and see if that feeling goes away. You can work up your endurance and go back to Tabata. (I had to do the same thing myself.)

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