Do i have to do inferno 7 days a week?

  • If i take a rest day will it mess up the schedule im going on my 3rd day of inferno.

    lloopy58   by: lloopy58
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    zetajen  about 2 years ago by: zetajen

    I started Inferno and did the first week everyday. Since then, I do it at least 5 days a week. I sort of toyed with the idea of stretching the 7 day program into 9 days and just keeping track of what workout I am on. So doing them in the Inferno rotation, but on my own schedule. The days I miss are different all the time, so I just do what is on the schedule for today. I miss a different workout every week.
    I have done the challenge twice now and do see the improvement. I upped my score by 30 or so. So it seems to be working for me. probably just a little slower than if I did it correctly. :)

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    jcschaser  about 2 years ago by: jcschaser

    It is pretty advanced. I've been running and doing aerobics off and on for a year, but it is still intense for me. I did the first week all the way through, but I crashed on metcom 2 of the second week. I do run several times a week too. I would listen to your body, or maybe take longer breaks within the class and come in when you can. I'm still plugging on tho. Mobility is a great recovery.

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    anjag  about 2 years ago by: anjag

    You can always use the discover function to choose your workouts but i think if you stick with the plan with the yoga and recovery day you will do great!

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