Do I have too much fat in my Ignite diet?

  • I am also using Daily Burn Tracker and I really like the ability to enter the foods I am eating and get out approximate calories, fat, carbs, and protein. It seems from that info, that I am having a hard time getting enough protein. It seems that instead of eating too much carbs, it is the fat that I'm eating too much of. How to do increase protein calories, without too much fat or carbs? Also, is it better to be heavy on the fats or heavy on the Carbs? i'm following Ignite pretty well, shake in morning, big salad with tuna for lunch, a couple a small snacks throughout the day (an apple or a handful of nuts), and dinner from the ignite friendly recipe page.

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    It really depends on what you mean by fat and carbs. If you mean carbs from grains and all things processed, then you def dont want to increase the amount of carbs. If you want to learn about good fats (what our body uses for energy) and how much to eat, then you should really look into paleo/primal. The following link is to a blog about what carbs and what fats are good to have in your diet.

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