Do I need to buy Daily Burn's HR monitor to use with Inferno HR, or can I use other brands?

  • I'm thinking of trying Inferno HR but want to use another HR monitor. Will others be compatible with the app? If so, what are the minimum requirement for a third party HR monitor to be sure it will work with the app?

    seanpaulaudet   by: seanpaulaudet
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    GalacticHero  11 months ago by: GalacticHero

    I'm using a Wahoo Fitness HRM and it works fine. You need one that links to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart/LE.

    • rchurch6
      rchurch6 4 months ago

      GalacticHero, I can not get my Wahoo Fitness BT HRM to work with the Daily Burn App. Works fine with other apps on my iPhone 6 but Daily Burn does not find it when I am scanning for it. Any pointers? Very frustrating. Phone says it is connected. However, Daily Burn never finds it.

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