Do really need to wear shoes for any type of workout. I really like to go barefoot--like Yoga or Pilates.

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    dantelm  10 months ago by: dantelm

    I am always barefoot when I workout. I am a dancer and am aware of how to safely land on bare feet. If you are not used to workout barefoot, proceed with caution. It's easy to loose balance or to stub/injure a toe.

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    swimjim  11 months ago by: swimjim

    I have the same question out there. I tried going barefoot, was able to do the floor and upper body exercises, but could not run in place or do jacks effectively.

    • willlavonne
      willlavonne 10 months ago

      I too like to do it barefooted. Shoes make my feet hurt and I'm tired of spending tons of money trying to find the right shoe.

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