Do the vanilla or chocolate shakes taste better?

  • I'm trying to decide which to try and can't decide. It seems that the vanilla is more versatile.

    cat808   by: cat808
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    keairal  over 1 year ago by: keairal

    I love both! But I like the vanilla because you can pretty much mix it with anything and it taste great!

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    Bathsheba  over 1 year ago by: Bathsheba

    So, I personally prefer the chocolate and we go through about 4 tubs of choco to one vanilla in this house. I have had several relatives visit and they also loved the chocolate. I think it is pretty versatile, too. You can use banana, almond butter, strawberries in the choco are good and so are raspberries. I also sometimes mix a pack of starbucks instant coffee to make it a mocha. And you can do coconut milk and it tastes like an almond joy.

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