Do the workouts in Move! update monthly? Or are they always the same set?

  • I just started the Move! program and I've noticed that it cycles the same set of workouts. It's been a couple weeks. Should I expect these workouts to change like the other programs, or does the Move! workouts always stay the same set?

    slewandr   by: slewandr
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    TheodoraDailyBurn  4 months ago by: TheodoraDailyBurn

    Hi there! The Move! program is just seven workouts.

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    beccas  4 months ago by: beccas

    Lame! I just joined the Dailyburn so that I can do something like Zumba without actually going to class. To find out its the same videos over and over is really, really, reaaallllly disappointing.

    • TheodoraDailyBurn
      TheodoraDailyBurn 4 months ago

      We're sorry you feel that way. What about trying Total Cardio? It's a longer program, and you might like the variety.

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