Do the workouts on the calendar adapt to your training history or not?

  • I am on the DBK 3 month programme and am confused because I thought the programme was supposed to adapt based on your history? I have been doing the level 5 & 6 exercises for a number of weeks consistently but my workout schedule has not changed and is still on level 3 &4.... I don't get it.

    Galia   by: Galia
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    andysmith  about 1 year ago by: andysmith

    Hey Galia - each DailyBurn program is different.

    IntelliBurn specifically adapts to your workout history, progress, etc.

    DBK is a 3 month program. First month you are working on levels 1 and 2, second month 3 and 4, and 3rd month 5 and 6. This was specifically designed this way by Cody to really focus on form improvement before advancing to the later stages.

    • Galia
      Galia about 1 year ago

      thanks that makes sense I must have misunderstood

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