Do you have any that help people with serious medical issues?

  • Even true beginner has too much impact Yoga is great, but come on the first 10 minutes of the first workout you are supported on nothing but your wrist. I have lifelong, never getting better conditions and I do not want to just sit in a chair and waste away...

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    justinrubin  about 1 year ago by: justinrubin

    Thank you so much for your inquiry. True Beginner aims at inspiring you and anyone who is starting up or starting over. We recommend contacting your doctor before beginning and after you get the green light, please go at your own pace and modify where you need to. If you find there is too much impact or too much stress on your wrists, please don't give up just work around the discomfort and keep doing what you can. There is no need to get discouraged! Avoid any impact and keep it simple but challenging for you! We are so happy you found us and remember, You Belong Here! Sincerely, Justin Rubin

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    DollFin511  about 1 year ago by: DollFin511

    If a workout has too much impact, just adjust it for you. You can just step side to side instead of jumping, for example. Maybe you need some physical therapy or massage therapy or chiropractic care before doing a workout on your own. I like Justin's suggestion to check with a doctor, that way you can get a prescription for PT if you need it.

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