Does anybody have recipes for breakfast shakes not using the protein powder?

  • I am a poor med student studying in the Caribbean and can't afford to ship it here!

    alwaysmeggy   by: alwaysmeggy
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    Weadna  4 months ago by: Weadna

    I tend to eat "Green" Smoothies similiar to what Willywalter posted:

    ~2 cups of greens (Kale, spinach, swiss chard, beet greens, mustard greens, collards, etc... whatever is dark and leafy)
    1 banana--can freeze before hand or not
    2 tbsp Cacao powder

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    cactuslady  5 months ago by: cactuslady

    I don't like protein powder because it is powder not real food and is expensive. the cheap ones are full of chemicals and other things I don't want. Here is my fav breakfast: .5 cup plain yogurt, low fat or whole milk, .25 cup hemp seeds, .5 cup raw shel

    • cactuslady
      cactuslady about 8 hours ago

      Nope. I like dairy. Organic 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee, good cheese and organic yogurt.

    • dloslo
      dloslo about 8 hours ago

      So are you not following the no dairy (avoid the evil 6) plan that Ignite suggests?

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