Does anyone have any questions about any of my workout and/or dance programs? I'm happy to answer!!

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    rhaden  over 2 years ago by: rhaden

    I don't have a question, but i must tell you I love them! You're so fun and friendly.

    • sflores
      sflores 10 months ago

      I am thinking of doing move next after Inferno which is kicking my butt! How long of a program is this?

    • keairal
      keairal 10 months ago

      Aww thank you so much! I really appreciate that! So glad you could join me and get fit in a fun way!!

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    jazlyna  over 1 year ago by: jazlyna

    I'm doing my first workout and it seems that the music and the workout are a little out of sync. It makes it hard to get into it cause I'm a rythm person.

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    Depepsi  about 1 year ago by: Depepsi

    Keaira, I really love your dance programs. I do African and Bollywood, I try my best with them, but I'm 64 and the knees just don't like too much jumping. I'd love to see some 50s and 60s style MOVE workouts - rock 'n roll, the Twist, the Pony that are lower impact.

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    Neptune8265  11 months ago by: Neptune8265

    I would love a True Beginner version of your dance program. I have previewed and watched the TB15Move and it is still too challenging even after the full TB program. Is there something along those lines in the future? I would even love to see a belly dancing video, or maybe I missed that somewhere.

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    GalacticHero  about 1 year ago by: GalacticHero

    Can you post the suggested order of the videos so we don't have to switch programs to find out (which would reset the current program back to the beginning.)

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    morrilin  about 1 year ago by: morrilin

    Hi Keaira. What's the best way for me to build my plank/core strength to become more stable (and so more effective and safer) in compound and single leg plank moves like those in the arduously wonderful hydraulic lower body?

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    trackphone  10 months ago by: trackphone

    I just wanted to say your "Move" workout program is the best I've ever encountered. It combines exercise with art, and that's really cool.

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