Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about the aftertaste of the Daily Burn Fuel?

  • I've tried adding strawberries and cocoa, but so far no matter what I do there is a really strong (and very gross) aftertaste. I really don't want to waste all the money I spent on this and just throw it away. I can only take about two drinks before the aftertaste in my mouth is so powerful that I feel like I am going to be sick. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cut the aftertaste?

    treasuresofechoxxx   by: treasuresofechoxxx
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    GalacticHero  10 months ago by: GalacticHero

    Cocoa is my go-to flavoring for smoothies, but I don't mind the flavor of protein powder. How about other spices like cinnamon or ginger?

    Aside from liquid uses, how about one of the various protein powder pancakes? Here's some DB suggestions:

    Another alternative is to treat it like the workouts and persevere and overcome it :D

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    isobel78  10 months ago by: isobel78

    I second this question. I loved the old Fuel, but this new formula is horrible. Especially if you make your smoothie ahead of time. I definitely won't be buying any more.

    I've been using it for other things, like protein powder waffles, and sticking to my Sun Warrior powder for smoothies.

    • tpizza
      tpizza 9 months ago

      Yeah, I just bought the protein powder (vanilla b/c I thought it would blend with a wider variety of ingredients) and it's awful. (Honestly... the after taste is really puke-y, yuck.)
      Anyway, I tried using fresh fruit, frozen fruit, avocado, apple sauce and none of it was "good."
      Though, related to the spices response, I made a cinnamon apple smoothie and that was the least awful, likely because of the cinnamon?!?

      I think i'm off smoothies for now. I'd rather not eat

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