Does anyone have any tips for keeping your workouts quiet if you live in an apartment?

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    enrika  over 1 year ago by: enrika

    Me and my downstairs neighbors are really cool. So I just try keep my workouts at the same time everyday. Then I let my neighbors know that I would be working out everyday at so & so time. I kind of warned them about the extra noise.

    They said the time is perfectly find. (which kind of gave me a license to go full out)

    I also told them to let me know if the noise get's unbearable, or becomes a problem.

    Another thing I do is take my shoes off on the plyo stuff, and try and land light.

    So far so good! No complaints, they say that they can't hear me at all. (not sure if they are just being nice though)

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    Diamonddiva  over 1 year ago by: Diamonddiva

    Invite them to workout with you.

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    KateHough  over 1 year ago by: KateHough

    Great question! I have always had this issue in my various apartments. I do two things: 1: get an extra thick yoga mat and towel for floor work to cut down on the wood floor squeaking. 2: substitute all jumping movements with non-jumping modifiers. For example, instead of jumping during the burpees, stand at the top of the movement and skip the jumps. Instead of doing jumping squats, just do squats, etc.

    A lot of people workout in apartments, so I am looking forward to seeing answers from other people who do this as well. Last night I was walking by an apartment in my neighborhood, and there was someone doing a workout in front of the tv on the fourth floor. I thought, "I wonder if they are doing DailyBurn!" :)

    • enrika
      enrika over 1 year ago

      opps... I accidentally commented instead of answering... (comment moved to answer)

    • kegan2010
      kegan2010 over 1 year ago

      I've been using the modifications a lot as well! I am also thinking about investing in some kind of sound-proofing floor covering for where I do my workouts? My neighbors are super noise conscious because they have a new infant... so I really appreciate your response!

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    Maaike  over 1 year ago by: Maaike

    Lol :)

    Well, invest in a decent floor covering. Or add a rug. Or just run outside ;)

    • Lietzel
      Lietzel over 1 year ago

      How about doing pilates or yoga and moving your feet closer to the ground, I have the same problem only it's my daughter's family downstairs so its not so bad but that's what I did.

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    cdeery  over 1 year ago by: cdeery

    Try using padded squares or a foldable padded mat

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    BioGirl15  over 1 year ago by: BioGirl15

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    bohdel  over 1 year ago by: bohdel

    I wish you were my upstairs neighbor. I think that during most of the day no one would care and it's legal (check the noise ordinance in your town), but the best thing my upstairs neighbor could do is just ask me what time of day/night it wouldn't bug me. My upstairs neighbor does Wii and it shakes my apartment. Things fall off the wall. It's annoying, but if it didn't happen at the only time I have to myself or bedtime I wouldn't care. And if they had asked I would feel like I had some control of the situation, which can go a great distance in neighborly relations.

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    adt36  over 1 year ago by: adt36

    This is a great question and I definitely agree with a lot of the suggestions so far, including asking your neighbors about a good time to workout, especially if they've ever complained. I make sure to do any of my jumping moves/burpees/etc on a rug to cut down on the stomping. Also check your lease; it's possible you're already required to have a certain percentage of your apartment covered with rugs or other floor coverings anyway!

    • Galia
      Galia over 1 year ago

      We live in a flat also. I think what's great about DailyBurn is that there is such a large variety of workouts so you can pick what suits your lifestyle. So I'm doing the kettle-ball based programme and most of it is pretty quite. Although for moves where the kettle ball has to be placed on the ground repeatedly, I simply lower it as far as possible then switch arms without letting it touch the floor...

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