Does anyone know where the achievements option went? It used to be right under my screen name, where there is also "my profile" and "weight

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    RedcrossReborn  over 1 year ago by: RedcrossReborn

    I'm having the same issue. I can see the achievements I earned in the Profile screen as @Cookie noted. But the only time I can see the achievements screen that shows the overall progress and other achievement that can be earned is the button that appear when you earn an achievement. (It is a number that appear beside your username- white number with red background.)

    • RedcrossReborn
      RedcrossReborn over 1 year ago

      Update: You can go to your profile and click the "Notifications" tab. Then click on the hyper-linked text for any achievements you earn and it will take you to the "Ranking and Achievements" page. A workaround, but effective. :)

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    kellylutz18065  over 1 year ago by: kellylutz18065

    I was wondering the same thing

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    Cookie  over 1 year ago by: Cookie

    The achievements are in your profile. Tap on your user name (top right beside account), and then profile. Your achievements should be on the right side at the top of your screen. :-)

    • drurybynum
      drurybynum 9 months ago

      Nope, I've tried it in 3 different browsers.

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    scamp07  over 1 year ago by: scamp07

    Mine is gone too.

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