Does everyone have problems with videos loading, or just me?

  • I never have problems with my home Internet, but these videos play really choppy. I have restarted my ipad, restarted the app, and it still happens every day. I wake up early to workout; this is making me grumpy!

    Longhorn0915   by: Longhorn0915
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    betha  over 1 year ago by: betha

    I am having the same problem. Also can not add my weight or daily burn challenge numbers. Hope it is fixed soon. Love this program

    • Longhorn0915
      Longhorn0915 over 1 year ago

      Yes! I really need to know my calorie counts for another weight loss app. It is kinda frustrating, but I do love the workouts :)

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    Brandi13  over 1 year ago by: Brandi13

    I haven't been able to update my weigh-ins and I was having problems with playback but I just reset my router. That helped with the playback.

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    dazimms  over 1 year ago by: dazimms

    I have been doing the workouts from my ipad app, and on several occasions the videos have frozen, restarted on their own, or the app suddenly quits altogether in the middle of a workout.

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