Does having a scale help with motivation/fitness goals?

  • I've never used a scale to monitor my weight, thinking it's more important to rely on how I look/feel. I still believe that, but I've been considering getting a scale recently to help me monitor fluctuations and recognize patterns in my weight. Any thoughts people have on this topic would be appreciated - do you have a scale? Does it help you, or make you feel guilty? Do you use it regularly, or avoid it? Thanks!

    phormalitize   by: phormalitize
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    Jewlzm  almost 3 years ago by: Jewlzm

    It depends on how detached you can stay from the numbers on the scale. Otherwise the only thing the scale is good for is at the gun range. It will only frustrate you! I now manage to weight myself only once a month for the pure and simple fact that the emotional beating isnt worth it. If I drink a soda (diet or not doesnt matter) my body doesnt like it and I go up 5 lbs.. but I can fluctuate upwords of 8 pounds. The scale is not my friend! But fitting into that size 4 for the first time really is relieving no matter what the scale says.

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    JamiBuch  over 2 years ago by: JamiBuch

    I used to be obsessive in a bad way about weighing myself daily. I finally got it under control. I don't weigh myself daily anymore - just maybe three times a week. I find it help me stay on track and know I'm heading in the right direction.

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    keairal  over 2 years ago by: keairal

    Answer this question (please read answers below before posting)...

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    draapaul  over 1 year ago by: draapaul

    Way back when I used to run, I was trained to never look to the side to see how close my opponent was. Run my best and stick my neck out when crossing the finish line. I found that I enjoyed the running sooo much more and ran stress free. Since my goal is far enough that this will be a health-journey, I have to just get into the process and not get too focused on the finish line. Just enjoy the race and how it makes you feel

    After starting this, I went to donate blood one day and gasped when the fella read my blood pressure. I made him take it 3 times cause it was SO NORMAL!! I always assumed the pharmacy cuffs would read high as usual.

    Good for me!

    Isn't the best gage a pair of jeans that are slightly too small? If those fit, you're closer to your goal. To Hell with the scale:}

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    shaeon  about 1 year ago by: shaeon

    For me it depends: If I weigh at home every day, I will get annoyed. Daily fluctuation is pretty normal, but even though I know that it will frustrate me a lot. However, I'm doing Weight Watchers for my diet and using Daily Burn for my exercise program. I go to the weekly meetings and everyone weighs in, and you can share your weight loss successes. That feels great, when a room full of people applaud because you lost another five pounds.
    The biggest down side to the scale is that if you are doing a lot of weight lifting in order to tone, you will build muscle and you may actually gain pounds while losing inches. So I think it's important to keep in mind that less body fat and more muscle is healthier, regardless of what the scale is telling you.

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    tbell072  11 months ago by: tbell072

    I agree the importance should be how you feel and look, but the scale is a motivator as well as "reality check" for me. There are times when it doesn't move or rises due to muscle gain and I'm ok with that because my jeans fit better and I see muscle tone, but other times it confirms that I've been negligent and need to be more mindful of what I'm consuming. If weight loss is the biggest goal, I think it helps with motivation a ton! You gotta get rid of the weight/fat in order to see the sculpted muscle.

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