Does the nutrition program work for vegetarians?

  • I'm doing the free trial and didn't opt to include the nutrition feature. Does it work for vegetarians?

    worldmom   by: worldmom
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    TamaraDailyBurn  9 months ago by: TamaraDailyBurn

    You can certainly maintain a vegetarian/vegan diet with Ignite. Ignite focuses on eliminating the evil 6 from your diet, which are alcohol, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, and gluten. As you can see, this leaves many foods you can continue to eat and as long as you stick with those guidelines, you are eating 'Ignite friendly'.

    More information can be found here:

    • ingrid95
      ingrid95 9 months ago

      To Zandraandpaul: Go to the Pinterest website and type in "vegan recipes" in the search bar. You can also do the same on the ziplist website. My current favorite site is "" She posts many recipes on her blog and she just published a great cookbook.

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    ingrid95  9 months ago by: ingrid95

    I am a vegetarian. Yes, the plan works for vegetarians, but you will have to be creative because one of the "evil" 6 is soy and that means no tofu, TVP, soy milk, soy protein, bean sprouts, etc. Only some of the recipes on the site work for us, but I have found many great recipes on pinterest and other websites.

    • ingrid95
      ingrid95 9 months ago

      Vegan recipes on other websites are the easiest to adapt, but watch for soy and added sweeteners.

    • GratefulJam
      GratefulJam 9 months ago

      Can't you substitute Coconut milk in place of the soy milk? My wife uses that in place of regular milk in many of her recipes.

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    Zandrawerenko  9 months ago by: Zandrawerenko

    I am new to the community but really like the idea and support and just wondering how world mom is doing without the nutrition plan?

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