Does this phase get any easier?

  • I am just starting on this phase and already im craving all the thinks that i cant have. The sugar, dairy, everything does it get any easier and what is the next phase.

    danielleburks13   by: danielleburks13
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    HeidiBelle  5 months ago by: HeidiBelle

    I feel you! I watched the cravings video and she says cravings can hit at certain times of the day. Once I paid attention I realized I always reach for sugar or chocolate at work in the late afternoon, when I probably wasn't even hungry just bored. I have been drinking a lot of water and eventually the craving passes. I'm keeping fresh fruit at work too :) Hope that helps!

    • danielleburks13
      danielleburks13 5 months ago

      thanks a lot i always drink water but i will try the fruit it always seems to hit me after i work out i do that twice a day

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