don't actually have a question, just want to say that I LOVE true beginner and Justin's leadership

  • would REALLY like to have another series from Justin that is the next step after mastering true beginner. PLEASE.

    mmood   by: mmood
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    Depepsi  about 1 year ago by: Depepsi

    Yes! Justin is a true leader. He explains how to do the movements correctly, and he offers insight and advice. He really empowers his followers.

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    katosphere  about 1 year ago by: katosphere


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    nunya13  about 1 year ago by: nunya13

    I agree!

    In the other easy-level videos, I couldn't keep up and became so frustrated that it made me feel defeated before I really got into it so I had to stop and go to one of Justin's videos, which give me a GREAT workout! I worry that after I finish the True Beginner program, the easy-level videos will still be just a little too advanced for me. Justin's videos are the only ones that are geared toward those of us who have never exercised a day in our life for one reason or another. Another set of videos from Justin would be just enough to bridge the gap.

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    kthierrien  about 1 year ago by: kthierrien

    Yes, more from Justin please!!!!

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    Neptune8265  11 months ago by: Neptune8265

    I TOTALLY agree with having a TB3 & 4 series before moving on. I feel like restarting with TB1&2 will be a step backwards & that is not what Justin is about.

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    momonster  11 months ago by: momonster

    I'd love to see Justin do another round of True Beginners, pushing us all a little harder. Come on, Daily Burn, get it together and put some new programs out there.

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    hobbithead  11 months ago by: hobbithead

    I agree with all of these comments as well. I like the idea of the karate video!

    • Jacksoki
      Jacksoki 10 months ago

      Agreed! I love karate and Justin's teaching style. :) I sort of hate kickboxing, which you get in Cardio Sculpt (boxer shuffles can suck it). But I adore the focused, disciplined karate we were doing with Justin in TB. More please!

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