Easy Lunch Options?

  • I'm good at coming up with quick/easy/healthy breakfasts and dinners, but lunch always stumps me. I've fallen back on good ol' pb & j because it's easy to make and keep around till lunchtime, but it's a little boring. Sometimes I end up at lunch not in the mood for what I've brought with me, and then that's just a waste. Any good ideas?

    maggieleigh   by: maggieleigh
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    sbrobin  over 3 years ago by: sbrobin

    I'll do about 3 cups of spinach, an ounce or two of feta cheese, then top it with one of those Starkist Zesty Lemon Tuna packs, or their salmon pack, and a low cal dressing. If I'm going out, I'll do Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

    For a quick option, I'll do a smoothie.

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    Jewlzm  over 3 years ago by: Jewlzm

    If you have a microwave you could always try a nice soup. Soup comes in lots of varieties. They can be quick easy and healthy.

    • stephenb
      stephenb 10 months ago

      Good idea, but you have to watch out for high sodium content in canned soups.

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    awal777  over 3 years ago by: awal777

    turkey and cheese lettuce wraps or a protein shake :)

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    sgarc90  over 3 years ago by: sgarc90

    StarKist makes a tuna lunch that I get on sale for about a $1.25 they store well and come in different flavors. I am also a fan of dinner left overs. For me portion control is the key.

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    mmj614  over 3 years ago by: mmj614

    My current lunch favorite are frozen burritos. Threre is a line from Evol Foods that are delicious and another brand I like is Annies. My grocery store keeps these in the organic frozen foods section. You just throw them in the microwave and lunch is done!

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