eating all those recipes posted at the site, could we really stay below 20g of sugar?

  • i mean a 155g apple is alone 16-18g of sugar. the quick guide states that you have to stay below 20g of sugar including natural. is this really achievable? eating around 1500 calories per day is way more than 20 g of sugar.

    alibintalib   by: alibintalib
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    natombomb  about 1 year ago by: natombomb

    For ignite, the focus is to eat foods with less than 10g of ADDED sugar. Check the resources page - there is a discussion regarding which fruits have the highest glycemic load and therefore which should be avoided. But in ignite, you should be focusing more on added sugar, not the naturally occurring sugar in a whole food.

    That being said, foods like honey, maple sugar, and cane sugar should be avoided as part of the ignite stage.

    Hope this was helpful. Good luck!

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    rosskm01  about 1 year ago by: rosskm01

    It's only if you look on the package, don't eat anything with more than 10g of sugar. We're in the balance portion of Ignite and we juice every morning. We realize that its more than 10g of sugar but since it's the good sugars we aren't too worried about it and don't make it count against our points

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