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  • So my company is attached to a mall in Downtown Milwaukee. I'm used to going out to eat and not bringing lunch, but for days when I'm too crazy in the morning to make a meal, eating lunch elsewhere is critical. There's a salad place that I never tried that I'm going to venture to today, yet I'm not sure if the salad dressings will be ok or not. BUT, we do have Qdoba and I can get a naked burrito with no rice, but with beans, pork, any salsa, ranchera sauce, lettuce and avocado with no gluten, soy or dairy. I can't find anything about sugars, but is this ok on this plan?

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    jaxschommer  about 2 years ago by: jaxschommer

    Ahh, I looked and it only has 5 grams of sugar if you add the corn salsa. So it's under 10 grams, which I'm assuming is ok?

    • Anthony
      Anthony 10 months ago

      Yep, as long as you're under 10 grams of added sugar per meal, you're still following Ignite.

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