egg white omelette = no protein uptake

  • I was just reading an article a few weeks ago stating the body doesn't absorb protein and other minerals properly if the yolks of the egg are left out. I later spoke with my doctor and sure enough, the latest research is finding the yolk isn't as bad as it was made out to be. We need both the yolk and the white together in order to get the full benefits of the incredible edible egg. Any thoughts?

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    Scootie08  11 months ago by: Scootie08

    I always like to add in one yolk, then have rest be whites. I agree, I think the yolk is valuable and has a lot of health benefits.

    • pamrunsfl
      pamrunsfl 10 months ago

      I've never eaten an an egg white omelette because it looked so unnatural to me (grew up on a farm) so just this week I decided to try 3 whites/1 yolk. Tasty.

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